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Rocking Out with Jemaine and Brett

A couple of weeks ago Mary and I attempted to get tickets to the sold out Flight of the Conchords show at the Chicago Theatre. There were tons of people looking for tickets and extra tickets were very scarce. Mary was successful in obtaining a single ticket, which she sacrificed to me and I went to the show while she went across the street to Borders. Props to Mary. It woulda been better if she was there, but I enjoyed the show from the 12th row on the center aisle with some NEW lady friends 😉

Here’s Mary offering free “dragon tears” to anyone who can help us out:
mary looking for flight of the conchords tickets in chicago and handing out dragon tears
Here’s a shot of Jermaine and Brett that I took once inside:
bret and jermaine busting out smooth jams at the chicago theatre

Mary got a hot tip from a security dude that the Conchords were playing a post-show gig at Schubas after the show… We went there and ate dinner, and sure enough, they showed up … but they were quickly brisked off to a private party; no special bonus show for us.

It was a fun night … kind of felt like a stalker like their #1 fan Mel … when we went to Schubas to look for them.

I was thinking that it must kind of weird being a celebrity of medium-level stature … Jermaine and Brett probably would not be recognized by 98% of Americans, but for stalkers like Mel, they’re the #1 rock stars in the world.
Oh, and speaking of medium-level celebrities, I walked out of the theatre next to Jim DeRogatis, rock critic of the Sun-Times, co-host of the excellent Sound Opinions, and soon-to-be R. Kelly trial witness. Being the rock nerd that I am, I recognized him and told him that I loved his show … he gave a curt nervous “thanks” and hustled out the door (I’ll cut him a break for not being more friendly, he probably had a deadline to issue his review for the morning paper).

This post brought to you by Flight of the Conchords Season 1 DVD and the Flight of the Conchords Studio Record!


Rob’s Minor Annoyance of the Week: No “Regular Pulp” Orange Juice

trader joes extra pulp orange juiceI was at Trader Joe’s today and was looking to pick up some orange juice. I didn’t want “no pulp” and I didn’t want “extra pulp”. I just wanted a regular amount of pulp, like we used to get in the old days when we didn’t worry about pulp. Well, all they had was lots of varieties of “extra pulp” and lots of varieties of “no pulp”. But there was no “regular pulp” or “some pulp”!

When did marketers decide that we were so pulp obsessed? I’m with Tony Soprano. In one episode, he complained to Carm that he likes his orange juice with some pulp.

Tony: (looks at orange juice) This says “with pulp.”
Carmela: You like it with pulp.
Tony: Not this much. I like the one that says “some pulp.”
(Carmela throws phone at him)
from The Sopranos Season Three


Rob’s Minor Annoyance of the Week: People paying with a check in front of you in line

Come on, lady! Do you have to pay with a check? It’s 2007. Get a debit card! Withdraw some cash from an ATM (there’s always one within 50 feet of you in 2007). And do you have to write sooooo slow, dot every “i”, cross every “t”, and balance your checkbook as you do this. And this is Starbucks! The $4.28 check that you are writing is holding up 10 people behind you who need their espresso fix!



Rob’s Ultra Minor Annoyance of the Week: No stray fries at the bottom of your fast food bag

fries.JPGEveryone knows that it is every man, woman, and child’s God-given right to have some extra stray fries at the bottom of your fast food bag. It doesn’t matter if the fast food is from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Jack-in-the-Box or that Hawaiian Burger Joint – Big Kahuna Burger, the simple rule is this: when you are done poisoning your body, there should be 3 to 12 extra fries at the bottom of your bag to enjoy.

p5130005_wm.jpgWell, tonight I enjoyed a tasty #6 meal at Wendy’s (spicy chicken fillet) and when I was done, there was not even a sliver of a fry at the bottom of my bag. Man, life is tough.

This post was brought to you by:


Rob’s Ultra-Ultra-Minor Annoyance of the Week: Speed bumps making you think that the approaching car is flashing his brights at you

You know what I mean? You’re driving along at night, maybe in a neighborhood that you don’t know. All of a sudden, an approaching car apparently flashes his bright headlights at you. Do I have my brights on? Is he warning me of something? Is he being a jerk? Should I flash him back? Oh, it’s a speed bump. Zabada.



Rob’s Minor Annoyance of the Week: Bands who have more “Best Of …” and “Greatest Hits” albums than studio albums

nine-beach-boys-collections.jpgThe studio album as a great artistic piece of work is becoming rarer and rarer. There are good ones out there, but they are not the ones that sell and make the Billboard Hot 100. iTunes, music sharing, and manufactured artists are mostly to blame. And can you believe that Hilary Duff has a “greatest hits” album? ( according to the interesting article Best-of Albums Worst Choice for Some ).

Anyway, my annoyance this week is artists who have more greatest hits albums than actual studio albums. Take the Beach Boys. I love Pet Sounds. I love Smile. A few of their other songs are great. But do they have the right to have a bajilliion greatest hits albums? Look at this partial list of Beach Boys compilations:

I do realize that the artists are not usually to blame for this (the big record labels are). And it gets really weird if a band has been on more than one major label in their career. Like, look at Aerosmith’s various “greatest hits” collections as they traveled from Columbia to Geffen to Sony (essentially back to Columbia). Take a look at Jimi Hendrix’s discography. He put out the three great Experience studio records, the Band of Gypsies live record, and then you can count the Cry of Love posthumous record as a proper album. And then they put of a kajillion best of’s and collections.

Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package !
Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph
Extra Track (and a tacky badge)

“Paint a Vulgar Picture”
from Strangeways, Here We Come

It’s funny that you can’t find “Paint a Vulgar Picture” on any of the following records:

I guess this doesn’t really bother me that much. That’s why I call this the minor annoyance of the week!



Rob’s Annoyance of the Week: “It Works on My Machine!”

works-on-my-machine-starburst.pngFor this week’s “Annoyance” entry, non-software developers beware, you might not feel my pain or understand what I’m talking about. This is a cliche joke in the software world, but it is SO TRUE!

works-on-my-machine-stamped.pngBasically, the IWOMM syndrome a happens when a developer commits new code that relies on something specific to the offender’s computer or when the offending developer doesn’t sync with the team’s latest changes before committing. When someone else updates their working code that includes the offender’s new changes, his system ceases to build or be able to pass the tests. The victim then confronts the offending developer and the offender can often be heard saying, “But, it works on my machine!”.

Helpful recipe for IWOMM offenders:

  1. Develop your feature/bug fix/whatever
  2. sync with your version control system, Subversion users, for example: svn update
  3. What? You don’t use version control? Oxygen … need oxygen … :) … you wouldn’t believe how many developers with “15 years experience” that I’ve met who I have to teach the fundamental principles of a VCS
  4. Okay, you do use version control. Whew! Run a “clean” and do a build and run your system’s unit tests. I know you have unit tests, right?
  5. All cool? No build errors? All tests passed? Now you can commit your changes:
    svn commit -m "It works on my machine and it'll work on your's too unless I'm a massive tool and I hard-coded something like database connection properties to my local database in the code!"

worksonmymachine_logo.pngThankfully, the IWOMM syndrome hasn’t been problem that I’ve experienced lately, I just jokingly said it today when someone was having a minor build problem.

I’d never seen these, “It Works on My Machine” Certification Program and Coding Horror’s Modification, until I Googled “it works on my machine” before I wrote this post. Good stuff!

The end.

This friendly post was brought to you by:

Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion


Rob’s Ultra Minor Annoyance of the Week: You Don’t NEED That Frappuccino

starbucks-green-tea-frap.jpgI must be extra cranky tonight, because this is really being nit-picky. It always bugs me when I see somebody in Starbucks who says “I NEED a skim half-caf extra foam green tea frappaccino.” You don’t NEED it. Maybe you could say you WANT it. Or you would LIKE it. But you don’t NEED it.

The stereotypical person who does this and sort of bugs me when they say “NEED” is usually a snobby looking lady in her late thirties who looks like she hasn’t worked a day in her life and is driving an H2 Hummer. I think that I just need to get to sleep. :)


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