November 17, 2015 in stuff

Cut ‘Em Thin, You’re Bound To Win!

Here’s the second track from I Like The Elephant In The Room, “Cut ‘Em Thin”! The above video footage is from a bicycle safety film from 1963 called One Got Fat. Monkey-masked careless kids on bikes getting hit by cars, oh my! I wonder how effective that video was for influencing good bicycling habits? I

October 21, 2013 in stuff

Rob Lambert’s New Album “Grass Is Alligators” Is Unleashed!

Today is a special day! You know why? Yes, it does happen to be my birthday, and that birthday does happen to be significant, if only because we humans generally count with a base-ten numbering system. But that’s not why today is so special. The BIG news is that I’m unleashing my newest album Grass