Jetson Food Pill

Jetson Food PillThis was a situation where I was starving after work and we had no food in the house and I felt weak as hell. I sat down and strummed one chord and spewed out this rant. Certainly I exaggerated my craziness and I grabbed the Nixon Waterman poem before I sat down to record this, but otherwise it was all impromptu and reality.

Listen here:

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Jetson Food Pill
how’s it going? how’s it going? how’s it going?
when are they going to make a pill like on Jetsons
where you just
eat the pill
and then you don’t have to eat your meal?
it’s a lot easier that way.

it is.

i don’t like … you work all day, you work,
you do your work,
and then you come home
and you’re crazy and you’re hungry.

i don’t …
i can’t think about what i want to eat,
i don’t have the energy to make my food,
even if i knew what to eat i couldn’t make my own food
i mean, maybe they have stuff at GNC that’s kind of like the what they have on the Jetsons
you could probably go there and get some of your nourishment and nutrients and stuff,
but when are they going to perfect the Jetson food?

i mean, i like food and all
when i have time to make it
or when i have money and i want to go out and have a nice meal with steak and shrimp or something
but …. ???? …..
i’m hungry and i’m tired and i’m crazy

here’s a little poem, it’s by Nixon Waterman, Mary put it on the bulletin board,
it’s called “If We Didn’t Have to Eat”*, it goes like this …

life would be an easy matter
if we didn’t have to eat
if never had to utter
won’t you please pass the bread and butter
likewise push along a platter full of meat
yes, if food were obsolete
life would be a jolly treat
if we didn’t, shine or shower, old or young, greet the hour,
have to eat eat eat
it would be jolly if we didn’t have to eat*

that was by Nixon Waterman, read by rob and i’m hungry.
in desperation i just put on some beans,
vegetarian beans on the stove,
it’ll make me a little less crazy,
but i’ll probably still be hungry after i eat them,
i’ll probably have some bread too.
and water.
we don’t have any ice cubes made so it’ll be warm water.

the end.

* to the best of my knowledge, “If We Didn’t Have to Eat” by Nixon Waterman (1859-1944) is in the public domain.

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