January 23, 2016 in stuff

East Coast Snowstorm Delays CD Shipment of “I Like The Elephant In The Room”!

Bad news! The CDs for I Like The Elephant In The Room were supposed to arrive Monday, but they are stuck in the east coast snowstorm! I hope that a polar bear didn’t get ’em! If you ordered one, I’ll ship ’em out as soon as I get ’em! If you didn’t order one yet,

December 10, 2015 in stuff

“Cans (Infinitely Recyclable)” Video!

The cans and setup used to make the percussion on "Cans (Infinitely Recyclable)"!

Here’s the next video from I Like The Elephant In The Room. This one’s a weird instrumental that started when I noticed that the Peach Pear LaCroix cans in the middle console of my car were making some interesting noises when I drove over bumps. I recorded those sounds with my phone and sculpted those

December 6, 2015 in stuff

“Funeral Shoes” Video!

Here’s “Funeral Shoes”, the 4th track on the upcoming I Like The Elephant In The Room! Time, I know, right? The video footage is from a GM promotional video from 1956 called “Design for Dreaming”.

November 17, 2015 in stuff

Cut ‘Em Thin, You’re Bound To Win!

Here’s the second track from I Like The Elephant In The Room, “Cut ‘Em Thin”! The above video footage is from a bicycle safety film from 1963 called One Got Fat. Monkey-masked careless kids on bikes getting hit by cars, oh my! I wonder how effective that video was for influencing good bicycling habits? I

November 11, 2015 in stuff

New album “I Like The Elephant In The Room” Coming & Video For 1st Track “Asteroid 12B”!

I’ve got a new CD/Digital Album coming in January called I Like The Elephant In The Room! It was written, performed and recorded by me in 2014/2015. I think it’s pretty unique! You can order it now at Bandcamp where you can get the first song “Asteroid 12B” today. And here’s a video for that

July 4, 2014 in stuff

The Earth People Won’t Miss One: My New Weird Electric Instrumental Album

I recently digitally released a weird electric instrumental album that I call “The Earth People Won’t Miss One”! You can get it at all the usual places: iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon.com, etc. I hadn’t intended to release an album like this, it just kinda happened. Every evening starting late March 2014, I started noodling around in Logic

October 27, 2013 in stuff

Behind the “Grass Is Alligators” Artwork

Yay! Grass is Alligators was released last week! You can get it at Bandcamp, iTunes or Amazon! You can also listen to it on Spotify! Your best bet is to order the real CD from Bandcamp! About The Cover Art The title track is a simple little ditty about a game that we played as kids

October 21, 2013 in stuff

Rob Lambert’s New Album “Grass Is Alligators” Is Unleashed!

Today is a special day! You know why? Yes, it does happen to be my birthday, and that birthday does happen to be significant, if only because we humans generally count with a base-ten numbering system. But that’s not why today is so special. The BIG news is that I’m unleashing my newest album Grass

January 30, 2007 in stuff

Phil Collins vs. Henry Rollins

Here is take 2 from the series “Scans from My Notebook”. Here it is: Phil Collins vs. Henry Rollins I don’t know what the point was when I sketched this. I think that, for a twenty second sketch from a non-artist, the spirit of these two blokes was captured quite nicely, eh? From the looks

January 29, 2007 in stuff

The Laundry Lifecycle

I was going through my notebook of song ideas and was chuckling at a few sketches that I made over the years. Here’s one called “The Laundry Lifecycle” showing the different states that clothing can be in and the fact that a large percentage of the states are called “laundry”!