104 Songs #17 – “I Love My Secret Admirer” (ORIGINAL #4)

LYRICS BELOW THE VIDEO! I was paying at Starbucks and discovered a VIA in my wallet. I mentioned to the barista that my secret admirer must’ve put the present in my wallet (I’m pretty sure Mary put it there)… but it got me thinking that having ANY secret admirer is kind of fun & flattering (as long as they aren’t stalky and scary!) When I got home I wrote and recorded this little ditty in 10 minutes fulfilling my contractual obligation to myself for the week! When I work on this one further and make a nice version of it… I must add a “She may be a he” line, but I didn’t think of that until I posted the video!

Special guests Pablo with an audible Hampton shaking his collar and barking (asking me to take him on an overdue walk).


I love my secret admirer

She may be ugly,
She may be hot.
She might drink beer,
She may prefer pot.

She may be dangerous,
She may play it safe.
She may be large,
or maybe a waif.

She may be wise,
She may be clueless,
She may tell lies,
She may have lupus.

Either way,
I’d have to say
I love my secret admirer

I love my secret admirer

She may be cheerful,
She may be grumpy,
She may be stylin’
She may be frumpy.

She may be nice,
She may be rude,
She may be willing,
She may be a prude.

She may be unsightly,
she may be hot.
She may be large,
but maybe she’s not.

Either way,
I’d have to say
I love my secret admirer.

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