OSCON 2007 Stats: OS’s and Gender

I’ve been keeping unofficial statistics at OSCON in my notebook as I attend sessions this week on two things:

  1. Men vs. Women
  2. Operating Systems on user laptops in the sessions

macbook-vs-non-mac.jpgFirst of all, operating systems. You would not believe the number of MacsBooks. My data gives me 63%. I think based on just general perception, it could actually be higher. Surprising, Windows came in second with 22%. This is surprising because this is an open source conference with tons of anti-Windows and pro-Linux folks. Finally, Linux rolled in with a paltry 9%. I don’t know the official “real world” stats for operating systems on consumer computers, but it is probably something like 90% Win, 9% Mac, 1% Linux. Here’s my pretty picture of this:


Secondly, women vs. men. Women came in with 11%. This was shocking to me. Shocking? Yes, I thought it would be much lower, like engineering classes in college. At a glance, I would’ve guessed that there were at most 6% women here, but my numbers don’t lie! Here’s the pretty picture, enjoy!


One interesting stat that I didn’t keep but should’ve would be percent of men with beards and of those, what percent are long and scary. I bet the percentage would be much higher than the average in the rest of the US population. Not as high as a Harley convention, but pretty high :)

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