MacBook Battery “Exploded”

A week or so ago, my MacBook battery started only holding a charge for 10 minutes, and it would just die without warning; the whole machine just shutdown without sleeping. Then last Thursday, at work, with the computer plugged in to the AC adapter, as I was typing, all of a sudden, my computer rose 1/2 inch; the battery had expanded. I took the battery out. It was 1/2 inch thicker than it should be. I showed some people and then set it aside. When I showed up at work today (Monday) it had expanded even more. This thing is probably dangerous, but that hasn’t stopped me from schlepping it around and showing everybody the comparison between the exploded battery and a good one.

I got a new battery last Friday at a Mac store and I asked if they had fixed this problem. The guy said that it was my fault for letting it get too hot. Bastard.

Anyway, the battery was under warranty and I think that I get a new one shipped this week, so now I’ll have two. Here’s the photos:

Normal battery:
Normal MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery

“Exploded” Battery (I didn’t pry this open or anything, it did this all by itself) MacBook Pro 17 inch Battery Exploded

It’s funny that this happened about exactly 8 months after I got this machine. Tons of folks are complaining that the batteries go bad and “bow” after 8 or 9 months on the 17 inch MacBook Pro. Seriously, go read these complaints here.

I love Apple products, but sometimes they suck. And don’t get me started on how expensive their parts and accessories are…


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