I Like The Elephant In The Room!

CD Cover for I Like The Elephant In The Room!

Rob has released a new weird rock album… it’s called I Like The Elephant In The Room!

The album starts on an asteroid flying through the solar system and it ends in a kitchen drawer filled with nothing but butter knives. So how about that?

The first track is called “Asteroid 12B”. Here’s a video for it:

A Few Kind Words for the Album

art-one“I love Rob Lambert’s songs. They reveal new things with each listen; they are often hilarious, yes, but there is a lived-in darkness and an actual tender heart lurking just below. He is a great, creative guitarist and arranger and these new songs really showcase his ability to layer sounds and create moods and mysteries in his recordings.”
-Steve Dawson stevedawsonmusic.com/info/bio/

“Good for the couch, good for the car, good for the sidewalk. And at times this album asks the musical question, ‘How well do you really know your couch?’ Plus, I think Rob’s music is getting purpler and blacker. It’s adventurous and sure-footed at the same time, and that’s a great thing to pull off!”
-Chris Corsale chriscorsale.com

art-two“On his new album, Rob combines fantastical imagery with funny commentary on the mundane absurdities of life. Starting on an asteroid flying through the solar system and ending in a kitchen drawer filled with nothing but butter knives, the trip in between is a ton of fun, with plenty of hooky guitar licks to keep you coming back for more.”
-John McConda mcconda.com

“‘I Like the Elephant in the Room’ is the Rob Lambert acorn that falls a little further from the tree, musically speaking, than his other animal-that-could-kill-you record, “Grass Is Alligators”. It’s groovy and shreddy and lyrically enigmatic.”
-Ross Freedman rossfreedmanmusic.com

“I think it’s the best thing I’ve made since the last time I made something.” -Rob Lambert

Here’s another video… it’s “Cut ‘Em Thin”!

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Here’s another video… it’s “Funeral Shoes”!

Album Credits

This is the back cover of the Compact Disc edition!

Back cover of the Compact Disc.

Words by Rob Lambert
Music by Rob Lambert

Rob Lambert: Guitars, Vocals, Bass, Keyboards, Percussion (Peach Pear LaCroix cans, pencils, couch springs, human hands and mouth), Drum Programming
Apple System Voice “Alex”: Guest Vocals on the title track

Recorded by Rob Lambert
Mixed by Rob Lambert
Mastered by Peter Andreadis

Elephant photo on the cover by Alexandre Chambon.
Back cover photo of tower and starry sky by Andrew E. Weber.

I Like The Elephant In The Room was written and recorded late 2014 to mid 2015.

Here’s a video for the title track. It’s a weird one!

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Here’s another video from the album … it’s “The Best Fudge”!

and here’s a video for track 10, “Twelve for a Penny”:



Finally here’s the last track on the album … “Butter Knives”

Watcha waiting for? :) Get your own copy!

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